The role AR plays in the creative process for PR agencies

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The competition for business among PR agencies is nothing short of extreme and, according to, it’s showing no sign of slowing up. But in sync with the competition and the sheer volume of agencies, there are millions up for grabs.

PR Week’s ‘2017 Agency Business Report’ found that total UK revenue for PR agencies was up 10.1 per cent on the previous year and we’ve seen continuous year-on-year growth for some years. Clearly, though, agencies will have to continue to assess how they win business and how they can outcompete on creatives; not just on price.

For UK agencies, this growth can in part be attributed to the accompanying technological advances the media sector, like others, has enjoyed – we’re no longer presenting campaigns on a flipchart; we’re using smartboards, tablets connected to 60” screens, and more recently we’re looking at immersive ‘reality tech’ to take engagement to the next level.

Agencies need to be careful that they’re using this immersive technology in the right way. Just as with other industries that use reality technology to improve their standing with consumers and their commercial return on investment (ROI), creative agencies need to first assess how they’re going to use the technology to improve their chances of winning new business – what’s the plan and what are you looking to achieve?

The number one aim must be to win the business that you’re pitching for, but this is also true of retailers who are looking to bring prospective customers into their store. The fundamental benefit of using immersive technology is that it recreates the experience that the end user might expect to see if they buy the product of the service.

This is the same as an agency pitching for that new business. If you can show your prospects what they can achieve and expect by working with you, they’re going to be more likely to sign that contract. It eliminates the guesswork that your prospects have to do, and no longer will they just be ‘relying on your word’ that you’ll do the work you’re pitching to them – they’ll be able to see it live!


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