The biggest stories in augmented reality – December roundup

AR industry newsDecember roundup

It has been another busy month for augmented reality news stories, here is your roundup of the biggest stories from December

Magic Leap’s mysterious augmented reality device could put a big focus on music – by Michelle Fitzsimmons, Tech Radar

The musical mixed reality app four years in the making have collaborated with Icelandic band Sigur Rós. The app features spirit-like creatures that conform to real-world objects in the demo room, and interact with certain virtual objects and produce different sounds, such as the singer’s voice.

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Google kills off Project Tango AR platform – by Gareth Halfacree, Bit Tech

Google has officially dropped its Project Tango augmented reality platform, announcing that it will be concentrating on its new ARCore platform exclusively from now on. Project Tango was a prototype smartphone whereas Google’s ARCore software development kit (SDK) requires no special hardware in most high-end smartphones and tablets.

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4 surprising ways augmented reality will revolutionize your life – by Tom Metcalfe, NBC News

This article identifies 4 main areas AR can enhance your life: behind the wheel, on the job, shopping, and playing/entertainment. It also discusses AR headsets.

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Mobile augmented reality facilities big-ticket purchases, study finds – by Sasha Fedorenko, Internet Retailing

Customers are more likely to purchase big-ticket items if they have an opportunity to visualise them at home through their mobile, with 33% saying they would do so on the spot if they could use augmented reality. Digital Blue who carried out the research are a machine learning and computer vision company who work to improve customer experience.

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Cricket legend Steve Waugh motion captured for augmented reality Ashes experience – by George Nott, CIO Australia

Cricket legend Steve Waugh motion captured for augmented reality Ashes experience. Commissioned by the Sydney Cricket & Sports Ground (SCG) Trust and developed by its technology partner Avanade, the app will be offered on a HoloLens for fans during the Ashes test in Sydney in January and be added to the SCG tour.

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The worlds biggest Starbucks has Augmented Reality – Entrepreneur

Article about how the world’s biggest Starbucks now has augmented reality. The new 30,000-square-foot Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Shanghai released an AR app that will deliver a tour of the store’s equipment.

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Mobile Disruptor of the Year: Augmented Reality – by Natalie Koltun, Mobile Marketer

Augmented reality (AR) has been on brands’ radar for a few years now, but it wasn’t until July 2016 with the smash hit Pokémon Go that AR catapulted into the mainstream. It has now been named as the mobile disruptor of the year.

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How Augmented Reality is changing the advertising game – Huffington Post

Article about how marketers can benefit greatly from using augmented reality in advertising.

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Augmented Reality and The Fourth Transformation – by Blake Morgan, Forbes

Article on how AR has the power to revolutionize customer experience, including ways it can be applied such as AR glasses, virtual inventories, side-by-side comparisons, and being able to see things in 360-degree views.

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Alibaba-backed augmented reality start-up makes driving look like a video game – by Robert Ferris, CNBC

Article about how AR is delving into hardware and software for cars. A look at the Swiss start-up WayRay.

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How publishers are using augmented reality to bring stories to life – by Nikki Gilliland, eConsultancy

Interesting article on how publishers are looking to use AR to enhance storytelling methods.

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