AR Monthly roundup AR Monthly roundup

The biggest stories in AR – April roundup

AR Monthly roundup

With yet another month having passed, it’s that time again to reflect on how Augmented Reality (AR) technologies are developing further, where they are being applied, and the new industries embracing this immersive technology. Here are the biggest AR stories to hit the headlines in April…


Retailer Zara entices shoppers using Augmented Reality displays

Where else to start but with the retail sector? In order to give itself an extra edge in a constantly competitive landscape, Spanish mega-retailer Zara has been deploying AR displays in its stores this month, offering consumers more enhanced and immersive experiences when shopping. The AR window will include AR models wearing selected looks from its available ranges, simply by holding up their smartphones to a sensor in store. A great example of technology enhancing customer experience!

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Eminem embraces augmented reality at Coachella

With the plaudits raining in for Beyonce’s performance at this year’s Coachella, it was another headliner that caught our eye: Eminem. The hip-hop star gave a warm embrace to AR solutions this year, on the back of his new Eminem Augmented app, which enabled viewers to experiment with AR during the performance. Whilst the omnipresence of mobile phones at festivals recently has thrown off some musicians, we love Eminem’s choice to experiment with AR solutions and immerse fans in the performance.

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Global military augmented reality market estimated at $1.79 Billion By 2025

A slightly off the cuff story, but a fascinating one nonetheless. According to a new report from Research and Markets, the global military augmented reality market is projected to stand at a staggering $1.79 Billion by 2025. The huge upsurge has been a response to the demand for situational awareness and the option of hands-free navigation capabilities. Other examples that AR tech has brought within the armed forces is for enhanced communication and even helping avoid ‘friendly-fire’ in combat.

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The Navy could use augmented reality in training with these smart glasses

As a further example of AR infusing into military operations, it’s now becoming operational within the military as well. The introduction of AR will enable sailors to get the vital training they need in order to serve and survive at sea. The Microsoft HoloLens was used in a demo within The Navy, helping trainees disassemble diesel engines in real-time, even with the assistance of voice commands as they worked.

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Facebook Messenger wants you to engage with businesses using augmented reality

Whilst it hasn’t been hitting headlines for the right reasons of late, Facebook has launched a new AR feature that is definitely worth shouting about. The social media giant is currently testing a new feature in Facebook messenger that will enable customers to view what they’re buying ahead of time with AR. The feature will allow four select companies – ASUS, Nike, Kia and Sephora – to show consumers how products will look in real life by superimposing them from the screen. Definitely one for online shoppers!

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How augmented reality is coming to fruition in the automotive industry

Another sector poised for disruption from AR. With CEO’s and CIO’s constantly seeking to reap the rewards from technological advances, the automotive industry has begun exploring AR use cases to enhance entire supply chains. AR solutions are benefiting automotive manufacturers at many stages of the product cycle such as design, prototyping and manufacturing. Namely, the sector is beginning the see the way in which AR can save time, increase accuracy and efficiency throughout the supply chain and continue to streamline processes. While it is still early days for AR in the automotive industry, it’s great to see it is starting to make an impact.

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