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Tips to create AR Creative brief

In our blog ‘Top Tips for planning your next AR campaign’, I shared the importance of building a good foundation when it comes to creating an augmented reality marketing campaign.  The key to this planning is working on a strong creative brief for your chosen AR agency to use as a starting point for your campaign.

Although many AR companies will have their own processes in place, the act of completing a creative brief allows you to focus on the elements of your campaign which are important and ensures that you know what you are looking to achieve.

So, what makes a good creative brief? Here are my suggestions for what makes an AR creative brief great.

Provide some background and context

It is important that your AR partner has insight into the driving force behind the campaign, why you are doing it, what are you trying to achieve and how has it come about.  Critically, it is also good to provide an idea of budget thresholds, as this allows the agency to work within the realms of what is acceptable to you.  Without this indication of budgets, it is easy for agencies to propose ideas that are outside of what you are prepared to pay, meaning disappointment if you can’t go with the option they have suggested.

Apps and screens

Provide information on any existing technologies that could be used in your new campaign, from existing screens to your current App.  This information will help understand what work is needed to get your campaign created – and help with costings.

Content and messaging

What exactly is your campaign going to be about?  Are you promoting a specific product and what do you want your target audience to do?  This is where you need to consider who your target audience is, how you want them to feel and ultimately respond to your campaign.  In this section, it is important to also include whether there are any AR experiences that you are particularly keen to explore.

Branding and guidelines

It is always useful to provide details of any brand guidelines that need to be followed.  This will ensure that your brand is protected during the creative process and that consistency is maintained.

Expectations, timeframes and deadlines

The only way to manage expectations is to make sure that you are clear on the timeframes and deadlines.  Every client is important to an agency; however, expectations cannot be managed if dates have not been communicated. By giving clear deadlines work can be prioritised and successfully organised.   It is also important to have realistic expectations. By providing a detailed brief, your AR partner can provide a more accurate timescale for work to be completed.

We have created an initial briefing document to help you at the beginning of your campaign – this is a great starting point to get you thinking about some of the questions that your AR agency may need to know.


Download the: AR Creative Brief Template


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