How to run a successful AR campaign

How to create a successful AR Campaign

One of the biggest disappointments for anyone working on a campaign is that horrendous moment when things don’t go to plan or you don’t achieve your targets.  

It really hurts when you have believed in a campaign that just falls flat.  And that painful moment when you need to explain to your boss what went wrong and why it failed.  

The simple truth is that no-one knows for sure how well a campaign will resonant with your target audience until it is out there.  It can be a risky business but there are steps you can take to ensure you get the best possible outcome from your augmented reality campaign.

Know what you want to measure

How do you know if your campaign has been successful if you haven’t set your targets?  It is also wise to get back to basics and ensure that your objectives are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound) if you set unrealistic objectives you are setting yourself up to have a failure of a campaign.  Yes, you should strive to achieve great things, but be realistic in what can be achieved.  Be clear about the goals of the campaign and go from there.  If you are looking to increase footfall that needs to be what you measure and how you deem the campaign a success – don’t lose sight of that during the period of the campaign.  

Get the call to action right

Getting the right call to action (CTA) is vital for a successful campaign.  How can you expect your audience to respond in the way you want them to if they don’t know what it is that you want them to do! Confusing or unclear CTA’s are a sure-fire way to turn people away from taking action – so spend the time getting this right.  

Tell people about it

Pretty obvious, right?  But you would be surprised how many times we have come across people who have had a negative experience of a failed campaign because they just expected people to know about it and to know what to do.  Sometimes it will be that the campaign is well publicised but they have failed to promote the augmented reality element of the campaign. Or they have just left the campaign to promote itself.  The best and most successful campaigns are the ones where the companies have also considered how they are going to communicate the AR experience to the audience as well as the campaign itself. A fitting example of someone who has done this well is Heathrow, who last month launched their new character, Little Miss Explorer with a new augmented reality experience across its airport.  To support this campaign they issued press releases, flyers and promotional banners, adverts on screen plus a variety of giveaways as part of the character launch.  A great way to ensure maximum exposure.  

Test it

A final option would be to test on a sample group of your target audience.  A slightly more expensive approach, but for larger campaigns which will see a bigger investment this can the ideal way to ensure that what you are trying to do will appeal to your audience, giving you the freedom and ability to adapt and make changes before going live with the full campaign.  

Campaigns can be hard to get right and there are always risks, but with careful planning and taking the time to get the above points right you can reduce the risk and improve your chances of a successful campaign.  

These are what we have found to help make a campaign successful, but we would love to hear your thoughts on what makes your campaigns successful!


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