Say goodbye to one dimensional window displays  


Say goodbye to one dimensional window displays  

Rather than static, one dimensional advertising, AR Windows provides engaging and interactive displays that can improve engagement, increase footfall and sale conversions.

Billboards, window displays and posters all have something in common – their aim is to stop traffic, get your name noticed and provoke some form of engagement from passing traffic.  What else do they have in common?  The inability to track whether they are making a difference.

You might get a cursory glance and an even a respectful nod towards the campaign you are promoting, but this doesn’t necessarily translate into a return of investment.   This is where AR Windows can make the difference.

AR Windows can be introduced into any existing screen display (or we can supply them!) and allows passing traffic to engage with the screen content via mobile phones.  These augmented reality screen experiences can take a variety of formats here are some of our favourites:

  • Character engagement.  Typically used within a window display, this experience shows a beloved character on the screen moving around as if they were alive.  Passing traffic can then go into the store and see themselves on the screen with that character and take pictures.  This not only encourages footfall, but can support social media campaigns and will create a unique and powerful customer experience.
  • Interactive games. A popular way to provide unique experiences instore, at events and in venues is to use AR Windows for interactive games.  With no App download necessary, only a connection to WiFi, this is an incredible way to get engaged with new customers.  Each game is created specifically for your campaign, will include Call to Actions (CTAs) and interactions with the screen can be tracked and measured.
  • Product engagement. AR Windows can also be used to encourage sales as well as improved engagement and brand advocacy.  Should you wish to display a specific product (or two, or three etc.) AR Windows can be used to allow passing traffic to scan those products on the screen and access additional digital information such as how to guides, product information videos, discount codes and pricing.  And should you wish, with the right integration, this can then lead directly to a website that allows purchasing of that product.

Making the decision to try modern technologies can be a difficult one, however we understand that you need to prove that your investment has achieved what it has set out to achieve and therefore we will work with you to ensure that what you need to measure during your campaign, will be tracked and measured.

The possibilities with AR Windows are broad and the above just provides a small taste of what can be achieved.  We work closely with our customers, providing an end-to-end service from idea generation to content creation, development and ongoing support.  So, whether you are experienced with augmented reality campaigns or just starting on this journey, we can tailor our services to meet your specific requirements.


AR Windows is a powerful way to create mesmerising and memorable experiences for passing traffic, but here is just a little bit of what is in it for you

  • Appless Interaction
    No App Needed Our AR Window experiences can be 100% App-less, using WiFi to interact. Keeping things easy and simple for the end customer.
  • Analytics
    Know that it is working, change it if it’s not Unlike static advertising, with real-time analytics you can see whether your campaign is working or not – if it isn’t you can adapt and alter as needed.
  • Purchase from the screen
    I will take two please….. sell directly from the screen Looking for more than engagement? It is possible to drive actual sales from your advertising, by introducing augmented reality. Giving you increased sales and a healthier bottom line.
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