Creating memorable experiences for consumers that reap rewards for brands.


Creating memorable experiences for consumers that reap rewards for brands.


Our cutting-edge product recognition technology combined with augmented reality gives consumers a unique and memorable experience, both instore and at home.

2D and 3D recognition
With the ability to capture both 2D and 3D images, AR Mobile will allow consumers to interact with your products, providing additional information with the use of augmented reality.  From pricing options and related products to information videos, consumers can learn more and spend more all with one simple scan of your product or Point of Sale (POS).

AR Mobile is designed to enhance the customer experience ensuring that your instore and online offerings can be truly connected.  AR Mobile can recognise any print whether 2D or 3D, from product packaging to instore POS (such as floor markers and signage) or a catalogue or brochure.  This gives you extreme flexibility to integrate AR throughout brand or product campaign, ensuring that consumers receive a unique experience throughout the duration of your campaign.

Advanced customisation
AR Mobile uses cloud-based recognition and this enables advanced customisation such as personalised pricing.  Should you offer a loyalty or points scheme to consumers, this can be recognised through AR Mobile ensuring they see not only the RRP but also their own personalised price based on any points they have as part of the loyalty scheme, encouraging them to redeem points and make the purchase.   This cloud-based technology also enables you to react quickly to competitor’s promotions, by uploading special offers and tailored pricing.

Measuring results
We understand that you need to see a Return on Investment (ROI) from your campaign and to track what is working and what isn’t. AR Mobile includes in-App analytics which ensures that you can track performance such as unit sales and cart abandonment. Working with our team of developers you can determine the data you wish to capture, giving you tailored statistics that can be used to report on the exact things you are required to report on.

App options 

Unlike other augmented reality solutions, AR Mobile can be built into any existing App ensuring that your customers are interacting with your App and not ours.  This means that rather than us receiving all those new downloads, you do.  Should you not have an existing App, or you wish to keep the campaign separate this is no problem either.  Our creative team can work with you to develop a dedicated App or your experience can be built into our own App.  AR mobile is compatible with

Whether you are looking for a one-off campaign or a more long-term solution to providing improved customer experiences, AR Mobile has the flexibility to do both.


There are a bucket-load of features available in AR Mobile, but we have selected our clients favourite to share with you here:

  • Personalised pricing
    Linking AR Mobile with your loyalty scheme, allows you to offer pricing that is specific to that individual customer, improving their experience & increasing unit sales.
  • Analytics dashboard
    Track performance with the Analytics Dashboard. Track how well your investment and campaign is doing with both the in-App analytics and the Analytics Dashboard.
  • Use your own app
    Integrate AR into your existing App (or build a new one!) and see improved App downloads and engagements.

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