Heathrow Airport AR Campaign – The Results

Heathrow Airport AR Campaign The Results

In the lead up to summer 2017, Heathrow was gearing up to welcome over 330,000 families through its terminals during the peak summer holiday period.  Heathrow already prided itself on being very family-friendly, from free play areas all-year round to its Kids Eat Free offer.  School holidays naturally see an increase in the number of families travelling so Heathrow is always looking at new and exciting activities that can be introduced to entertain families and help get their holidays off to a great start.  After an immense success launching the official Mr Men Character, Mr. Adventure, the previous summer, Heathrow was keen to follow this with the launch of a new official character, Little Miss Explorer.  The question was how do they do more with Mr. Adventure and launch Little Miss Explorer in a fun and exciting way?

The challenge

Due to the airport environment, there were a lot of factors that needed to be considered.  Families could be flying at all hours of the day.  They could have anything from a couple of minutes to a couple of hours to fill before catching their flight.  Families could be from all around the world, so different cultures and languages needed to be factored in.  The activity needed to be accessible from each of the seven terminals but in a cost-effective way.  There was also a 10-week turnaround to develop the campaign and launch before the start of the summer.

The solution

This is when Heathrow turned to Ads Reality.  Ads were tasked with creating a dedicated augmented reality experience and free App Around the World with Mr. Adventure. This exciting new experience allowed families to download the free App and go on a hunt around any of the seven terminals to collect five special badges. The badges would be earned by scanning five markers hidden at the terminals.  Once scanned using the App each marker would trigger its own augmented reality experience using Mr. Adventure and Little Miss Explorer.

The objectives

Heathrow wanted to create a unique and fun experience for families travelling through its terminals and the success of this would be measured in the following way:

  • 1,000 downloads of the App by the end of the campaign period
  • 10 articles published in travel and tech press
  • 200 images/videos shared by passengers
  • Reach a minimum of 2m on initial launch

The results

Heathrow’s campaign was incredibly successful, easily exceeding all of the objectives set. Check out our infographic to see key results from the campaign

Heathrow Airport AR Campaign Results

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