Highly creative. Full of passion. Working together to create unique customer experiences.


Highly creative. Full of passion. Working together to create unique customer experiences.

At Ads Reality we want to be the inspirational partner that retailers, brands and creative agencies go to for commercial applications of augmented reality, to do that we only employ exceptional people who share our values.

At Ads, we have 5 core values that sit at the heart of what we do:

We’re constantly learning, experimenting, pushing boundaries, sharing new ideas – we listen to what clients want to achieve then go beyond the brief to exceed expectations and deliver unique ad compelling experiences.

We’re invested in AR and are genuinely excited in the possibilities that it offers, this belief drives our business and is evident in our people, their actions and commitment to delivering the very best service, solutions and end results.

We harness the excitement and possibilities offered by cutting edge technologies and create practical, relevant, hardworking solutions for business, we are commercially-minded and focused on delivering tangible value.

In an increasingly virtual, technology-driven world, we make our solutions and the way we do business, simple, clear and intuitive, we value our people, our client relationships and maintain strong ethical practices.

We’re here for the long-term, to build trusted partnerships clients can rely upon for strategic advice, technical know-how, inspiration and leadership, dependable service and exceptional quality.

Key People

  • Richard Corps

    Managing Director

    Richard is responsible for overseeing strategies and launching new initiatives. He is a successful entrepreneur and senior executive with board level experience within the Media, Retail and Technology sectors.
  • Prajay Kamat

    Chief Technical Officer

    Co-founder of Ads Reality, Prajay is also responsible for all things technical.  He is a self-taught expert in interactive media and entertainment and has a Masters in research.
  • Kamal Rassool
    Kamal Rassool

    Commercial Director

    Kamal is responsible for making sure Ads Reality wins business. Leading our team of Business Developments Managers, he is dedicated to ensuring that our customers are happy and satisfied.
  • Marisa Samat

    Project Manager

    Marisa AKA Missy, is in charge of ensuring that projects run on time and on budget.  Highly organised and very efficient, Missy also looks after operations for the Ads team.
  • Alex Woolner

    Creative Director

    Alex heads up the creative team and has led campaigns for clients including Microsoft, Sainsbury, Warner Bros and Heathrow Airport.  His extensive career in interactive technology led to a PHD in 2010.
  • Carly Nessmann

    Marketing Manager

    Carly’s job is making sure that people know who we are, what we do and how we can help them. She is studying for her Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing.

Our Teams

Animation Team
We are a little fussy about who joins this team and only recruit the very best artists who have skills across image & product recognition and of course, augmented reality. This is the team who bring campaigns to life and they are a bunch of enthusiastic and skilled individuals.

Development Team
Our team of highly skilled developers ensures that our technology is undergoing continuous improvements and they do the back-end magic to make sure that what is created by the animation team can come to life.

Operations Team
This the team of people who ensure that everything is functioning correctly, working behind the scenes they are the ones that get things done. From contracts and purchase orders to project management, these fantastically organised people are the ones who make sure we don’t get lost in the creative.

Sales & Marketing Team
A passionate group of people who are amazed daily by what the animation and development teams can create, they spend their time trying to tell everyone about it and getting them to love it too.


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