Why AR is the perfect partner for estate agents

AR is the perfect partner for Estate Agents

The year was 2011 and I was very much enjoying my time working as a Property Consultant at a leading independent estate agency. Getting a sale and helping people find their dream homes was always a bit of a rush and I loved the challenge.

But without a shadow of a doubt, it is a tough and competitive market.

From trying to communicate the features of a property over the phone to a potential buyer, who is struggling to visualise from words alone to competing with the likes of Rightmove and Zoopla. I was constantly fighting battles to ensure that any potential buyers saw extra value in what we were offering.

Fast-forward to 2017 and I am now working for Ads Reality, who create augmented reality experiences.  It has been working at Ads which has opened my eyes to how well-suited AR is for Estate Agents.

Here are just some examples of how AR can be used

Not just your average property brochure

When looking for a new home a potential buyer will be taking 5-10 brochures at a time – and they very often will be engaging with more than one Estate Agent, so you can easily double (even triple) that number.  The challenge is to provide as much information as possible, but without too much copy and in easily digestible chunks.

This is where AR can help.

People digest and remember visual information better than they do written communication, so it makes sense to use video and graphics as much as possible.  This is possible when you introduce AR.  By including triggers on key points in your brochures, potential buyers can see a tour of specific rooms and even have a video or audio play of you talking through key features.

AR in a estate brochure

What makes it even more special, is that with the right analytics set up, you can then track which brochures (and features) are receiving the most interactions.  Team this with a sign-in on the first login of the experience, and you can easily see which properties your potential buyer is showing the most interest in.

Plus, an interactive brochure takes away the need to sell twice.  The brochures allow buyers to share all the information with other interested parties, from the videos to the voiceovers.

Say goodbye to one-dimensional floor plans

AR can also allow you to easily show a floor plan to a potential buyer in 3D. Taking the traditional one-dimension view to a whole new level.  This allows buyers to better visualise a room and the layout of a house – helping them to picture what they can do with space and imagine themselves there.

3D floor plan estate brochure

A new level of window display

By introducing AR to the show window, either through an AR Window display or with the help of AR overlaid on traditional picture displays, you are expanding the opportunities to engage with buyers even when your office is closed.  Buyers will be able to view different properties (view the AR Window) or watch property videos straight from the window.

Estate agent window with AR

A competitive edge & other benefits 

The introduction of AR allows Estate Agents to gain a competitive edge.  The interactivity and benefits AR brings to buyers, improve the customer experience. This can then increase your corporate and brand reputation within the industry.  Leading to new business and better financial returns.

If you would like to learn more about how AR can help you gain a competitive edge and attract new buyers, please get in touch.



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