5 exciting examples of AR to inspire your next campaign

5 exciting examples of AR

At Ads Reality, our team of people have quite rightly seen a lot of different augmented reality experiences, some great and some not-so-great.  We also appreciate a decent example of augmented reality even if we haven’t created it ourselves. So we have compiled a list of some of our favourite examples of augmented reality, to help inspire content for your next AR campaign.

Product demonstration – Olympus

Kamal Rassool, Commercial Director

An early example of augmented reality, from 2010, but still an impressive example of how augmented reality can be used to help provide additional product information – great when you have a more technical product to showcase.

The augmented bus shelter – Pepsi Cola

Daniel Bowen, Business Development Manager

The Pepsi Cola bus shelter augmented reality experience stands out for me.  This was a really awesome shock and delight experience that caught so many people off guard, very simple, but super effective.

But I also have to highlight the augmented reality business cards. I think this is a hidden gem. Business cards are everywhere, what better way to promote yourself or your business than adding a digital layer to your B Card with videos or case studies.

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Product launch – Lego Dimensions

Beatriz Sanchez Gonzalez, Software Developer

One of my favourite projects is Lego Dimensions Adventure Time.

This is a great example on how to use Augmented Reality since you can stand next to any of the characters (Jay or Fin), and take some pictures. In that particular case (AR Window Plus Screen, second part) we included the trailer of the game, which is great. So, people can have fun with the character and at the same time drag their attention to the game watching the trailer at the end.

I think it also great that we made both versions, phone version, which consists in scan some merchandising of Lego Dimension and see the character live and the Screen version.

Instore experience – Sainsbury’s

James Smyth, Junior Software Developer

My favourite project was ‘Waste Warrior’ as part of the Sainsbury’s Waste Less campaign.  This was a motion control game using the Kinect, aimed at combatting waste & promoting good food storage practices.

Waste Warrier

This was a fun project to develop for as it posed some interesting challenges using the Kinect as an input device. The results were very well received and It was great to watch people enjoying themselves playing the game in-store.  And as the sound designer, I also got to make some great sounds of fruit being sloshed and smashed!

Google Tango Project

Ivan Dimov, GAME Developer

The Google Tango project was quite inspirational for me – markerless tracking with quite a fair degree of accuracy and many possible applications for games and business apps. The application that I have done includes placing a sofa model on surfaces and AR distance measurement.

This is just small taster of what can be achieved with augmented reality. Why not share with us some of your favourite examples


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