5 examples of simple augmented reality experiences

5 examples of simple augmented reality

Over the past 12 months, the subject of augmented reality has exploded. But what we tend to see splashed across social media are some of the more amazing examples of what can be done with AR.  From nurses using AR to find veins easier to city planners in Christchurch, New Zealand using AR to show how buildings destroyed during earthquakes will look after they have been rebuilt.

These are incredible examples of the power of augmented reality.  But for many, those who are not early adopters, this technology is still a daunting area and they are just not sure how they can use it within their own organisation.

The great news is that you don’t need to delve straight into the big stuff.  You can experiment and ‘test the waters’ with smaller experiences to get you started and to see how it works for your brand.

Here are 5 of our favourite examples of simple augmented reality experiences which get results.

Example one: The augmented business card

Business cards are an everyday essential for most companies.  But the introduction of augmented reality can elevate this basic piece of stationery to a powerful way to communicate more about your business and what it is that you do.

For us, it is a great way to show people (anywhere, anytime) exactly what it is that we do.

Check out the video below to see what happens when you scan our business card…

Whether you want to offer additional business value (with a video on what you do) or you want to just add a bit of fun, an augmented reality business card is a great way to introduce the technology to your business.

Example two:  The treasure hunt

One of our favourites, the augmented reality treasure hunt.  This takes on various guises, but ultimately this is a fun way to introduce augmented reality, increase engagement and provide a great customer experience.  The premise is that you are getting your audience to ‘hunt’ around for the various markers throughout your chosen location, usually with some incentive or reward if they are all found.


This type of campaign can be as big or as little as you want it to be, but one thing is certain, your customers will love it.

Example three:  Direct mail campaign

Direct mail campaigns are a perfect way to introduce augmented reality into your marketing.  A simple instruction to download your app and scan a ‘marker’ within your DM piece can quickly propel a standard campaign into something really special. Rather than a ‘flat’ piece of mail suddenly your recipient can have a product demonstration in their hands, a character dancing on their table or a customer testimonial played to them directly.

AND to make it even better, you can even track the results – something that is much harder to do with traditional DM.

Example four:  The magazine cover

This doesn’t have to just be a magazine cover.  Any brochure, booklet or pamphlet could have the augmented reality treatment.  Overlaying either videos or audio on what is traditionally a very inactive piece of marketing.

Check out this NME cover. When the cover is scanned, readers are rewarded with exclusive music samples from the game that features on the front cover.

This is a fantastic way to offer exclusive content that your audience can easily access. From a video preview to an interview sample with your latest cover star.


Example five:  Menus and colouring sheets

Children are the ideal audience for augmented reality and we have seen a number of restaurants looking to embrace technology in their establishments. Namely, with the introduction of augmented reality menus and colouring sheets, children (and adults alike) are blown away when they can see their completed pictures coming to life in front of them.

What are your favourite examples of simple augmented reality, let us know over on Twitter using #FavARexample

All of these experiences have been created using AR Mobile, to learn more please visit our products page.


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