3 ways augmented reality can make ‘peak season’ more successful

AR and Peak Season

Halloween, Black Friday, Christmas, new year sales… there is no doubt that as the nights draw in and the temperature drops, retailers start heading into their busiest time of the year.   But this brings with it a whole heap of challenges. From keeping employees motivated to getting noticed in a sea of battling retailers.  Yes, these are challenges often faced throughout the year. But at the most important period in a retailer’s diary, it becomes even more vital that novel solutions are found to combat them.

Augmented reality is ideally placed to support retailers during this important trading period.  Here is how.

Reason One: Motivating staff during peak season

One of the most important ways to ensure a successful trading period is to look after your staff.  Not just the team behind the show i.e. head office, but also your ground staff.  The teams in the stores, working long hours and spending extra time away from their families. Think of all those members of staff working early hours boxing day morning.  By taking care of your teams, you will have a happier bunch of employees, who in turn will provide a better service and ultimately this will increase sales.

There are simple things that you can do to let your staff know that you appreciate the efforts they are putting in.  From care packages being sent to your store teams to dedicated break areas for your head office staff.  One example of a great break area for staff is introducing an AR Window with a seasonally themed game (snowball fights at Christmas, rabbit hunting at Easter etc.) which you can encourage employees to compete in during peak season.  A quick 10-minute break to do something fun can work wonders for the soul and lift an employee’s spirit.

Reason Two: Create an experience that will never be forgotten

The seasonal period is the ideal time to experiment with fun and outrageous experiences and stand out from the crowd.  For example this Halloween Topshop have partnered with Netflix to create a Stranger Things themed store event, including store windows which have been set up to look like Hawkins Lab (fans of the show will know what this is!). This type of activity is a fantastic way to engage with passing traffic and make a lasting impression with its audience.  Augmented reality is the perfect way to help create these types of experiences and to give customers the ‘wow’ factor.

Reason Three: Inform and instruct your customers

Consumers are receiving a constant stream of information in the lead up to big seasonal events. So it is important that you set yourself apart and ensure you stand out from the crowd.  For example, I recently picked up a handful of leaflets for fireworks from some local supermarkets.  Each of them detailing an array of different firework packages. And all of them instructing you to visit their website to watch videos of the fireworks in action.

It would be a lot more helpful if I could just instantly scan the different packages and watch the fireworks in action directly from the brochure.  If I could then go through and order them that would be even more helpful.  And if they wanted to be even more helpful, if the scan was then linked to my loyalty card and could give me personalised pricing for the package I had selected I couldn’t think of any reason why I wouldn’t then proceed with purchasing the fireworks.  All of this is possible with augmented reality.

How about a Halloween themed recipe book? Consumers could scan to watch a video on how to make the recipes and order the ingredients directly from the page.  A guaranteed way to increase engagement and sales.

The possibilities are endless…

You can just imagine the possibilities with Christmas brochures…. No more stickers and marker pens for your kids to create their ultimate wish list.  Instead, a quick scan can show how the toy will work and allow the child to add to the wishlist.  The parent could then go into the app and order direct from the wishlist.

Toy Christmas Brochure and Mobile Phone

The beauty of augmented reality is that it enables you to effortlessly bring together the traditional and the digital.  Enabling you to create an unforgettable experience that will engage your customers, motivate staff and increase sales.

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