Why are we unique?

  • We provide a commercial scale solution having been tested across millions of products
  • Unlike our competitors, we can recognize 3D products as well as 2D images
  • We are not just a tech company, we know how retail works with over 15 years experience
  • Cloud hosted, allows instant content updates allowing you to react immediately on pricing, social activity or similar
  • We customize our software you fit your needs…



  • Game
  • Tesco
  • Sainsburys
  • Microsoft
  • Microsoft
  • Plug-Ins

Our Work with GAME

The latest showcase of our technology, integrated into a retailers app to drive engagement, loyalty and sales.

Read what GAME have to say about it in their latest press release:

"Today GAME, the UK’s leading video games retailer, announced an exciting new development to its app, Scan It! This new functionality offers customers a personal price calculator and brings products to life through image recognition technology.

The new Scan It! function allows customers to scan the front cover of products in store, including many of this year’s new releases and digital cards to reveal their own personalised price for the item based on their reward account balance and trade in data.

Scan It! brings standard packaging to life through interactive image recognition which allows users to discover more about the product they’ve scanned by watching the latest trailers which instantly play on their phone. There is the ability for full screen viewing with the additional option to access further product details and images from the game. This is especially useful for digital cards where packaging space is limited.

This upgraded functionality builds on the app’s popular trade-in calculator to deliver an improved experience and offers even better value to customers. There will be over 2,000 product lines enabled for Scan It! technology at launch, with more added in the coming months."

Working with Game

Our News

  • See our amazing new AR Window

    Retail Big Show

    January 15-17 2017

    We are showcasing AR Windows and AR Windows+ at NRF's 106th Anuual Convention & EXPO.Visit us at BOOTH # RP30

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  • Seven ways Pokémon Go could change your life

    Ads Reality will be attending Mapic 2016

    10 November 2016

    Visits us at Booth E22 to preview the product launch of AR Window+ from 16th - 18th November in Cannes, France

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  • Seven ways Pokémon Go could change your life

    Seven ways Pokémon Go could change your life

    18 August 2016

    You probably know all about Pokémon Go by now. How a game launched only six weeks ago has already made its creators $200 million (£152 million) and been downloaded over 100 million times.

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  • Ads Reality Recieves Investment

    GAME acquires Ads Reality!

    05th May 2016

    Having maintained a close relationship since Ads Reality developed the Scan it! augmented reality application within the GAME App, GAME have now agreed a deal worth up to £20 million and taken full control of the business, agreeing to acquire the trade and assets of Ads Reality.

  • Ads Reality Recieves Investment


    27th January 2016

    Ads Reality created an interactive game and video wall experience for the launch of Sainsburys “Waste Less, Save More” campaign.

  • Ads Reality Recieves Investment

    Microsoft Retail Experience Centre

    22nd February 2016

    Ads Reality will be installing their cutting edge AR Window into the Microsoft Retail Experience Centre, a destination for all major global retailers to see the latest retail technology.

  • Ads Reality Recieves Investment

    Retail week live

    16th March 2016

    Ads Reality have been asked by Microsoft Retail Innovation to appear on their stand at Retail Week live 16-17th March, 2016

  • Ads Reality Recieves Investment

    Ads Reality Receives Investment

    7th November 2014

    Ads Reality is pleased to announce a significant investment in the company by a major European retailer, more details to follow.

  • Game launches with Ads Reality Technology

    GAME launches with Ads Reality technology

    6th October 2014

    The new GAME app now includes the “Scan it!” function which is driven by Ads Reality technology.

  • Unilever Selects Ads Reality

    Unilever selects Ads Reality

    17th September 2014

    Ads Reality was one of six companies that were selected to present at the Unilever European head office in Rotterdam. Unilever wants to work with innovative technology and realized the potential of Ads Reality, allowing them to enhance the shopping experience, provide product information and post-purchase engagement.

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